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Developing Your Educational Leadership and Management Vision

Develop your leadership and management skills to establish a school vision, support your staff and make meaningful change in your school or organization with our course ''Certificate in School Leadership and Management (CSLM)''.

Over more than 50 courses to choose

Evaluate your leadership strengths and identify opportunities for growth

Develop a personal leadership philosophy and vision

Articulate insights into strategic management theory and practice

Bridging the fields of business and education

CSLM integrates expertise in managing teams and organizations with best practices in school and instructional leadership, to provide school leaders with frameworks, skills, and knowledge to effectively lead and drive change improvement in schools.

• To develop essential skills, competencies and values needed for effective school leadership and management
• To enable head teachers/principals to create an effective and enabling environment
• To improve the overall performance of the school
• To develop a trained and competent cadre of head teachers/principals

Preeti Pasricha

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