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Azure – Deploying Websites

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Use the unique PaaS Cloud Service to support multi-tier applications on your website and scale both front-end and back-end roles for greater economic efficiency. In this intermediate-level course, you’ll learn how a virtual network functions and how to deploy your website and web apps into an Azure environment. You’ll also look at how PaaS cloud services can be used to manage a website more effectively and how cross-access between PaaS and IaaS helps to expedite the sharing of resources. This 3.5-hour course includes step-by-step video instruction with screenshots and clear audio narration for an easy learning experience. The interactive menu bar allows you to select your topic, replay points of interest and control the speed at which you learn.



Deploy your website and web apps into an Azure environment;Expedite sharing of resources by creating access between IaaS and PaaS;Use Content Delivery and Media services for faster worldwide uploading of video files;Improve economic efficiencies by scaling front- and back-end roles based on demand.


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