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CEH: Cloud Computing Concepts

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Deepen your knowledge of cloud computing in this Certified Ethical Hacker course that examines the basics of how this model of IT services works, as well as its vulnerabilities. The course starts by defining cloud computing and compares the characteristics of the different types and forms of cloud computing. It highlights many of the benefits that cloud computing and virtualization can offer consumers and organizations. The course then moves on to consider the risks, vulnerabilities and threats associated with cloud computing, along with examining the types of data breaches that can occur. Security improvements are also outlined to help you keep your information safe. The course offers compelling visuals and informative content provided an industry expert to help you gain insight into cloud computing, its benefits, and its vulnerabilities.


Recognize the different types and forms of cloud computing;Identify cloud computing risks, vulnerabilities and threats;Implement appropriate security measures to secure your informatione risks and challenges of cloud computing.


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