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Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK)

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This course offers an expert overview of cloud computing security and specific guidance in how to prepare for the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certificate exam. We’ll begin with a rigorous review so you’re on solid footing with the fundamental concepts of the cloud. Next, we’ll carry out a carefully plotted examination of all facets of cloud security including, and most importantly, the architecture framework. We’ll drill down into the specific topics you’ll need to cover to pass the exam; different aspects of security in various domains, data management, risk management, the role of audits, terminology, and guiding principles. By the end of this course you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to submit your skills to testing and obtain the Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK) certificate.



Identify fundamental concepts around cloud security architecture;Develop a sound process for managing cloud security projects;Solve security challenges specific to cloud computing;Execute and maintain effective governance and enterprise risk management;Integrate compliance features required for security audits.


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