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By the end of the course, you should feel confident to pursue a role with any company who needs to introduce continuous integration and test automation into their software development lifecycle.



This Course is designed in such a way that anyone with good understanding of Devops start learning this course effortlessly.
This course course covers rich topics from complete ground-up like
In this course I’ll teach you how to integrate several key tools that any good test automation resource should know. We’ll discuss several concepts that will take your skills and salary to the next level:
Module 1: Devops Essentials Learning objectives
Module 2: Overview of systems administration
Module 3: Overview of Cloud Computing
Module 4: Version Control Tool – GIT & GIT HUB
Module 5: Build Tools
Module 6: Configuration Management
Module 7: Monitoring
Module 8: Containerization
Module 10: Scripting


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