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SEP 1st, 2020

While the world was busy feeling upset about the worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic caused by COVID 19, these teenagers from Punjab, India demonstrated the best ways of being resilient under extreme situations. While we are sure that there are many such other teenagers with their stories as well, these ones are awe-inspiring & encouraging for the youth.


Set out to help the world in their own little way. Combining their passion for philanthropy & website development—Rohan Singh Nayar, Mahineer Ghosh & Devaansh Rai Mehra created a website— www.artdtriumph.com


 On this website, artists can put up their art work for sale and they donate part earnings from the sale of their artwork to an NGO called GIVEINDIA’s “Donate Meals” mission. This website also encourages development of Artists community bringing experts and aspirants on a platform where they can discuss work and share inspirations & knowledge.

Talking about yet another inspiring teenager who is also a journalism enthusiast, Arshiya Rai Mehra. She has been actively writing articles on topics highlighting important social issues. Taking it forward Arshiya started an Instagram page named School Scoop News where she posts all latest updates & articles about students, schools and studies for children all over India. At par with Insta pages of other news reporting agencies, her page  connects children all over India. 

Vishvesh Juneja, apart from creating a set up for doing an experiment of electrolysis of water at home recently ,he has been much inspired by philanthropic contributions of celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres so much so that he enrolled himself into one of their projects and currently working on securing the future for mountain Gorillas in the forests of Rwanda. He has also enrolled into the MALALA fund which is centered on creating a safe heaven for girls to be able to go to school without any fear. 

Ananya Chowdhary came up with a very innovative idea of using a 3D printer to design a simple band for the shield in the form of sunglasses and then used transparency sheets to make it into a face shield. These shields were very cost effective, clear and reusable as they could be easily sanitized.  With the help of an NGO Mahaveer Prasad Dalmia Jan Seva Trust she was able to distribute shields in hospitals and among policemen. Fighting through the odds of price hike, & unavailability of the material, she kept on going and benefitted many in her city 

Writer—Ms Nandita Prakash is an Education Advisor to schools in North India. She works with students and teachers to bring innovation in teaching & learning. 


September 7, 2020


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